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Learning at EOC sometimes happens through our seminars. Students can request seminars, and other times our innovative advisors choose a topic they want to share with students. Through seminars, students get a chance to spend time with classmates and learn in depth about different topics and create projects based on their learning. Sometimes our students even lead the seminars!

Current Seminars and Clubs:

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Seminars from previous years

30 Day Drawing Challenge
Alice 3D Animation
Animal Conservation
Art: Graphic Design
Art: Photography
Art: Wreck This Journal
Artists’ Salon
Current Events
Environmental Science
Financial Awareness
FLIC: Foreign Language International Club
French Language Circle
GeoCon (Geography & Economics)
Get a Job
Independent Living
Literature of the Pacific Northwest
MCA Math Test Prep
Music Theory (student led!)
Nobel Conference: Oceanography
Nobel Conference: The Brain
Reader’s Theater
Science Experiments
Science of Addictions
Stock Market Game
Video Production
We Act Service Learning Seminar
Writers’ Workshop
Do you have an idea for a seminar you’d like to see? Interested in a seminar from a previous school year? Talk to your advisor.

Seminars, classes, and field trips aren’t the only time for you to hang out with your classmates. Join one of our extracurriculars! Have an idea of your own? Get 3 members and an advisor on board, receive staff approval, and you’re set to start.

Seminars 2016-17

Staff will be planning these and announcing them soon. Please be sure to talk to advisors about ideas for seminars you’d like to see in 2016-17

Clubs 2016-17

What clubs do you want to see or lead at EOC in 2016-17?

Clubs from previous years:

Anime Brigade
Art Club
Book Club
Chess Club
Code Academy
FLIC (Foreign Language International Club)
Horse Club
Leadership Circle
Modded Minecraft Club
Music Club
Social Justice
Theater Club
Vegan Club
Video Gamers Club
Workout Club
Writing Club

Have an extracurricular club or sport you’d like to participate at a neighboring school? Talk to your advisor!

Art at EOC