How do I enroll?

Fill out the enrollment form here. We will contact you shortly and answer any questions you have. Then we’ll set up an intake conference so your advisor can meet with you in person and get you started.

Who can attend EOC?

7-12th grade students who reside anywhere in Minnesota can attend EOC.

What grade levels do you serve?

EOC enrolls students in 7-12th grade

Does it cost anything?

No. As an independent public charter school, there is no fee for the normal academic year. Like other public schools, we are funded by the State of Minnesota.

Is EOC an accredited school?

Definitely. All of our advisors are highly qualified, licensed teachers. We are certified Online Learning school, as approved by the Minnesota Department of Education and authorized by Innovative Quality Schools.

What is project-based learning?

With the help of advisors and parents, you—the student—design your own projects to explore history, geography, English, and all the other subjects taught in traditional schools. You can also earn credit for work experience, life skills, and career exploration so you are ready to find your place in the world after graduation.

EOC was the first online demonstration of project-based learning in the country. Further detail is offered here.

How are standards met?

Every project you create is aimed at meeting some of the state standards. When you write a project, a team of advisors will work with you to make sure your plan meets those standards. When you finish a project, that team will evaluate which standards were met and assign credit in those areas. EOC has the same standard areas (Math, Social Studies, Science, English, Art) as other public schools in the state.

Do students receive a Minnesota high school diploma?

Yes—when they finish 12th grade. As a Minnesota public charter school, we follow the same state criteria for graduation as traditional public schools. The diploma will be issued from us, EdVisions Off Campus.

Will there be a graduation ceremony?

We wouldn’t miss it! Each Spring we hold a graduation ceremony in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. You’ll have a special day, complete with cap and gown, and the opportunity to invite your friends and family to celebrate with you.

Can I earn college credit (PSEO)?

Yes! EOC students can attend college classes through PSEO (Post Secondary Options). Students must receive approval from their proposal team to participate. Talk to your advisor about it!

Will I be able to get into college?

Yes. See the list of schools where our graduates have been accepted. EOC will print a transcript of credits given throughout the student’s career and include a letter of recommendation that explains our school and your achievements. Students may also choose to build portfolios that they can submit to colleges, and have a project to prepare for the ACT or SAT.

How often will I see my teacher and classmates in person?

You’ll be able to see them at least once a month. Between monthly field trips, state testing, quarterly parent/student/teacher conferences, and other meetings, you’ll get to know them well!

How much help will I get?

You will get lots of help. In our yearly satisfaction survey, 97%-100% of our EOC students reported that when they need help, they can get it. You and your advisor will work on your projects together, work through any problems you have, and make sure your learning needs are met. In addition to advisory every morning, you can sign up for meeting times with your advisor as much as you’d like. Your advisor is only ever a Skype, email, or phone call away. (And parents, in the same survey, 100% of parents reported they felt comfortable contacting their child’s teacher.)

When do I attend class?

Every morning you will attend advisory class with your classmates, online and in real-time. Then you’ll attend a mid-morning or early afternoon math class. You will also participate in flexibly scheduled meetings with your advisor. The rest of your day you will be working on your projects. You will need to complete 6 hours and 5 minutes of schoolwork every day.

Where do I attend class?

You will sign into an online classroom program called Blackboard Collaborate. Some of the different ways we communicate there are through microphones, by typing, using shared whiteboards, screen-sharing, surfing the web together, and webcam. Chatter is regularly going on between classmates, staff and students, and our clubs on Skype. You’ll also participate in a monthly field trip with your classmates and advisor.

Can I attend part-time?

No. EOC offers only full-time enrollment.

How much supervision does my student need?

Students do the best in EOC when they have family support for their learning. It is sometimes easy to get off track, falling into habits like oversleeping, procrastinating, or missing check-in sessions. Advisors will communicate with you about your student’s progress each week, and ask that you communicate back weekly or as needed.

How are you different from other online schools?

EOC is the only completely project-based online school in Minnesota. This means that instead of a pre-set curriculum, which would be the same for all students, our students can tailor their learning around individual interests. Students have opportunities to meet together in field trips and other student interactions, and the parents are kept in the loop. We also offer a 12:1 student to teacher ratio, and daily real-time communication with teachers and other students.