Our daughter is the happiest she’s ever been since she transferred to EOC!

This was my daughter’s first year at EOC. She loves it! It’s a terrific fit for our family with just the right blend of flexibility and structure. This combination allows our daughter to flourish, giving her opportunity to pursue her interests in a direct way with lots of hands-on projects, and a chance to try new things. She also gets the feedback, the helpful suggestions, and the consistency to really help her progress. Cathy and the rest of the staff are knowledgable, responsive, and it’s clear they care about the students. We are looking forward to continuing with this wonderful school.

I have loved the individual attention that my student received this year. He got exactly the help he needed tailored to his learning style. I can’t imagine what school would be like without EOC!

EOC is the closest educational option possible to one-on-one tutoring for a public school student. The advisors are clearly invested in making sure that each of their students receive the best education tailored to their own unique learning style, and the school as a whole creates a warm and welcoming community for all. Each instructor makes sure that students understand the required material, but more importantly, they encourage students to imagine the possibilities available to them in life if they utilize their strengths. EOC is fantastic!

EOC has been a giant confidence boost for my child. She loves to brag about what a special school she is a part of with everyone she meets. She just shines as she is able to learn about topics she is passionate about.

I have found that project based learning is really the way to go with my children. They find something they are interested in and the learning just happens! EOC provides a wonderful environment of learning and support.

It focuses on the passion of the student. Time is not wasted on things they may never use. I love the variety. I love that we meet in person for parent teacher conferences. I love the school trip opportunities for students to learn hands on.

Megan has been a wonderful advisor for our daughter. She is supportive, encouraging and very motivating. We love her!

EOC has allowed my child to finish school in an environment that is accepting of her personal challenges. She is treated fairly, respectfully and given the tools she requires to challenge herself.

EOC has been great for me and my child! It allows him to learn more at his own pace, and gives me peace of mind that he is happy, less stressed, and learning. I think also is helping with him be more independent and responsible. And let’s not forget the fun field trips!

EOC has been an open and welcoming environment for all of the students, helping them develop their natural abilities to grow stronger intellectually and emotionally.
Patty has been great about encouraging my daughter to express herself and to explore her talents.

EOC has been absolutely the best school for my son. Traditional school did not work for him and he probably would not have finished high school without EOC. He never had an interest in learning, but now he is always talking about what his next project will be. He really puts in effort on his papers. The support he gets from his teachers is amazing. Finding EOC was life changing.

EOC has changed the life of our family! Our middle son was falling apart in middle school when we were alerted to EOC by one of his teachers, whose son had had success there. As a highly gifted learner on the autism spectrum, a regular bricks and mortar school was not the best learning environment for our son, even with an IEP in place and exceptional teachers. I was a bit hesitant to consider online school but for our techno child….it is a great fit. We will forever take baby steps with this child but it is amazing to see the growth and maturity he has mastered, not to mention his feelings of hope and happiness again. He has teachers who truly know him, work with him and help me learn more about parenting him now and in the future. Thank you EOC!

We always feel at home with EOC. The teachers have a lot of love and wisdom to offer.

EOC understands out-of-the-box learners! After years of struggles academically and socially the difference was felt immediately. Advisor groups and classes are small so teachers, advisors and paras are better able to help students one-on-one as well as keep them on track with their learning goals. Struggles in the education process are a dim memory!

EOC provides fabulous individualized support for every student. They encourage each student to meet the requirements for learning by exploring things they are interested in.

I am so thankful that we found EOC. It was a great fit for our family. The teachers really care about the students and fully engage them in the learning process.

EOC is the first school that my child has felt success at, felt listened to and felt supported.

My daughter LOVES EOC because she is in charge of her own education. She is a self-motivated person who is excited to pursue her own learning and thrives in the EOC environment.

EOC was a great answer to the frustration of “traditional” school for our daughter. After years of trying to fit the square peg in the round hole, we gave the project-based approach a try and the results were outstanding! A love of learning and desire to work hard emerged and the pursuit of a career dream was realized!

The individualized attention my son receives is unique and truly helps him to learn.

I would like to extend a great appreciation to EOC, they have a awesome outstanding staff, they go above and beyond the call of a good education. My son who is 14 years old started with EOC one and a half months ago due to dealing with high anxiety and to much stress and pressure in the public school. He was at the point we could not get to leave the house or even go outside to play with his friends. EOC has completely turned my son’s life around. He is now social with people, very happy person, he smiles and jokes now and is a totally different child according to his Dr. and his therapist. I have a great appreciation for EOC and their Spring Celebration was awesome, my son met new people and even socialized with the staff and other students from EOC. This used to be a rare if not a never happen situation. My hat off to EOC and thank you for making my son a new person and making my life a lot less stressful. I would very highly recommend EOC to any family looking for a new and awesome education option for their children. Here is a huge THANK YOU.

All five of my children have attended EOC and although each have a different learning method, all have benefitted. We’ve come to consider EOC part of our family and will miss them as the kids graduate.

We like the flexibility of project based learning and the help and support of all of the advisors at EOC. It’s a great environment for my kids.

EOC allows my daughter to work at her own pace and explore topics that interest her. School is very relevant and enjoyable for her.

I love to watch Alexis every day grow, learn and succeed. She has not ever been this happy, excited or motivated. This really speaks volumes to me and assures me that I made the right decision of pulling her from her previous school and placing her in EOC. Thank you EOC 🙂

I’m happy to see that my child has done do well in this school. She wasn’t happy before going to school. She is excited to get up in the AM and get her day going.

The personal motivation factor at EOC has been a valuable experience for [my student]. This experience is not always noticeable in students I know from mainstream public schools.

My son really enjoys the project based learning, he has more than once commented on how he feels a sense of accomplishment. He really likes his advisor, and has enjoyed meeting others from the school. He really loves the field trips as well.

This school is really giving my son a chance to explore what interests him. He has resources to ask questions and get help whenever he needs a little nudge to help him keep going. The staff is so supportive and encouraging. We love it! In my mind, there is no need for a public school when school can be this awesome at home!

During his grade school years, our son Tony, struggled to function in a classroom setting. By 7th grade, he was placed in a Federal Level lV (separate facility for students with disabilities) setting. We knew Tony was smart, creative, and wanting to learn. Punishment and reward, not learning, seemed to be the school’s focus. When it came to our attention that locked time-out and restraints were being used, we knew this was not the place for Tony. We pulled him from the school, not knowing what was next. The day after he left the Level lV school, the Star Tribune published an article about EdVisions Off Campus. We gave them a call. Tony enrolled the next day.

Tony spent the next seven years as a student as EdVisions. With the encouragement and understanding of his adviser, Cathy, and the EOC staff, Tony thrived. He completed projects on everything from poetry to symbiosis. He also looked forward to his advisory’s monthly field trips. These included outings to museums, plays, art studios, festivals, etc. This was a time for hands-on, real life learning, as well as, community building for the advisory. Every spring, students have the opportunity to participate in five-day trips which have an academic focus. For a nominal fee, Tony was able to visit South Dakota, New Mexico, Grand Canyon, and Isle Royal. The combination of online and community based learning was a perfect fit for Tony. His ACT score was 31 and will be attending college in the fall. There are no words to describe how grateful we are that EOC charter school was a choice for our son. In his graduation speech, Tony summed it up best. “EdVisions saved my life.”

Austin has done a great job getting things done. In [traditional] public school I had to constantly nag him and help him get things done and now I ask how things are going and he’s like don’t worry I will get it done. Wow! It makes me proud. It’s because of advisors like you that makes online school what it is. Project Based is the BEST!!