EdVisions Off Campus does not feel that the entire measure of a student is based on standardized test scores. We have many areas we measure students including, but not limited to: personal learning plans, life skills, engagement, belongingness, autonomy, goal orientation, satisfaction with EOC, project quality, and project completion. However, as a public charter school we are required to give standardized tests for local use and state use.

These are the standardized tests that EdVisions Off Campus Students participate in:

Northwest Education Association Measures of Academic Progress (NWEA-MAP)

These are three tests (Math, Reading, Language Usage) that are used at a local level to support students’ needs in these areas. They allow for prompt feedback for advisors and students to use to celebrate strengths and set goals to strengthen the areas which will help students be successful in their future.

These tests are also used school wide to measure student growth, not proficiency. These are computerized tests. New students for the school year are given the NWEA test in September to help set a benchmark for growth and students are tested again with NWEA in May.

Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments (MCA)

These tests are known as “state tests.” The data from these tests is used as a whole school assessment at the state level. On a student level, we are provided data for students which indicate their proficiency in reference to the Minnesota academic standards. The results are typically available late summer. These tests are typically in April. Testing locations will be coordinated and shared in early March. These are computerized tests and specific tests are given in specific grade levels. 7th- Math and Reading; 8th- Math, Reading and Science; 10th- Reading; and 11th- Math and Science.

Civics Test and Career Inventory

These assessments are locally developed. EOC is required to collect documentation of students participating in a Civics test before graduation and Career Inventory in their 9th grade year. Both are used to create Personal Learning and Post Secondary Plans for students.

Opting Out

If you wish to opt out your student from testing, please use this form and give to your student’s advisor, or ask the district assessment coordinator (Gigi Dobosenski) for a copy of the form.

More testing info from MDE.

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