Interested in donating some of your time, expertise, or resources to support EOC? Thank you! Here are some ways you could do that:

1) Provide rides to classmates for school field trips

2) Offer your expertise as a community expert –our students are always looking for people to job shadow or interview

3) Hold a seminar in an area of your expertise

4) Help us network with other community experts –let us know what fields to which you could help connect our students with community experts

5) Develop a parent organization

6) Serve as a school board member

7) Organize a fundraiser for school trip scholarships

8) Donate school supplies (art supplies, technology, sewing machines…our students have a variety of interests! If you have something to donate, chances are we’ve got a student who’d like to make use of it.)

As a small charter school, we greatly appreciate volunteer help and love having our parents actively involved in our school community. Contact your student’s advisor or one of our co-directors, Cathy at cathy@edvisionsoffcampus.org or Gigi at gigi@edvisionsoffcampus.org, to get started on your idea!