Why Project Based Learning for your 7-12th grader?

At EOC students learn in a meaningful way. Project Based Learning gives students a voice in what they learn, how they learn, and how they prove what they’ve learned. Through PBL, our students discover what they are passionate about while developing real life skills like time management, motivation, self-confidence, and problem solving. By tapping into our students’ interests and supporting their success, we help them love to learn.

Students find their passions

Students who know what they love can explore their passions in depth, at their own pace, and following their own lead. Students who have no clue what they love can try out a wide variety of pursuits to explore their talents and passions. By building on strengths, students gain the confidence to be successful across the whole curriculum, even in areas they used to avoid.

Personalized learning

No two students are the same—neither are their projects. Many schools promise individualized learning. At EOC, we live that promise every day. We value the relationship between advisor and student and know that it plays a critical role in learning. Advisors know their students well, work with them at their level, and give them the one-on-one attention they need to learn and grow. We also highly value parents—because no one knows a child better—and include them in the parent-student-advisor team.

Real world skills

Projects are all about investigating topics in depth. Students learn to set goals, identify strategies to meet goals, break down larger tasks into smaller steps—all essential real world skills. By practicing this process with projects, students develop the personal persistence to achieve their goals in life.

Excited by the idea of a school that nurtures passion, cares about the individual, and supports the development of real world skills?