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Sometimes it helps to see an actual project to understand what project based learning is. This video will guide you through a sample project and the project process.

Or, you can click on the downloadable documents below to explore on your own.
Ferrets Brainstorm
Ferrets Proposal Form
Ferrets Evidence
Ferrets Reflection

This Ferrets project is an example of the very first project completed by a new EOC student. The intention of the first project is to help students get acquainted with project based learning. To see how student skills grow over time in project based learning, be sure to check out our sample senior project.

For more ideas on topics for projects, take a look at the project ideas by subject area.

A few examples of other projects our students have done:

Maisie’s Chemistry of Baking Project

Click photo to view
Optimized-Baking Sciences


LC’s Italian Language Demo


Jeanne’s Drawing Process (part of an Art/Webcomic project)

Paavo’s “Michelle” during the EOC France Trip Presentation

Beth’s Senior Project: Baking & Pastry Arts

Key’s Eco-Friendly Fire Station on Minecraft!

Key takes you on a tour of his “green” Minecraft Fire Station.

EOC Minecraft!

One of a series of videos exploring what EOC students are doing on the Minecraft server.

Student commercial for EOC

Water Ionizer

Paavo’s “Disappearing Everglades” Stop-Motion Animation

Rube Goldberg Machine

Senior Project – Original song by Megan

Photography project evidence

Other project evidence ideas