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Student Interview

I like that all the teachers want to help you set goals. When they help you set goals they help you achieve them, by helping you set up a schedule. Also, the teachers are all nice.”

– Daniel

At EOC you are all equal. There aren’t the popular groups. You are all friends. The advisors care about how you are doing and what you are doing and they want you to succeed.”

– Taylor

When I went to [traditional] public school, I almost never had fun. The analogy I used was that I was a sponge, whose fun was getting wrung dry by the system. EOC is the perfect mix between structure and freedom."

– Alyssa

At EOC you can make projects out of the stuff you do every day. Like last year I had two cooking projects and a sewing project. At the school gatherings it’s nice to see and learn a little about other people’s projects.”

– Paige

When I went to [traditional] public school, subjects went either too fast or too slow. At EOC I can work at my own pace and create projects that fit my agenda.”

– Carly

What I like best about EOC is that you can work at home, you don’t need to go anywhere to do different classes. That and the teachers can help you at any time.”

– Knowlton

I am very independent and work at a fast pace, so it is easier for me to learn here than in a classroom waiting for everyone to understand it. I came from a school similar to EOC but it wasn't online. There were cliques and teachers that I couldn't handle anymore- I just needed a fresh start. At EOC there aren't any cliques or distractions because you are at home online. You can choose to join a club or go on field trips, so you aren't forced to be around people you don't want to be around. I am glad that I made the transition to EOC because there are great opportunities, and great teachers to help you through anything and guide you on the right path."

– Beth

I love EOC. It’s my favorite school, and I wish more people knew about it! Being the social person I am, homeschool wasn’t going to work. So, I switched to online school in a school called “[removed]”. This school confused me for the sake of the fact they had SO much homework. I felt more trapped than homeschool.
At EOC, I learn what ever interests me. Also, math is FUN in this school. My teachers help me one on one whenever I need it. I know just about every kid in school. Though the school’s not huge, it’s tight knit and feels like a family. I’m so thankful for that. EOC "

– Chas

EOC has made a big difference in my learning because I never wanted to learn before. When I came to EOC I got excited to think of new projects, and I always had ideas in my head of different project I could start, and different ways to show what I have learned. And I have never had that excitement to learn till now. The most important reason I stay at EOC is because of the change it’s made in how well I do in school. I have improved so much. Before I didn’t really care about my grades I had given up because no school was working for me no matter how many new schools I tried. Now though here at EOC I really feel like am doing great in school, which is something I didn’t get to say at any other school. I think is a great school and it has great teachers who are always willing to help you. So I am really lucky to have found EOC and am even more happy and excited to be graduating from EOC this year."

– Elana

I joined EOC because I had a friend in it who highly recommended it and I liked how it looked. I came to EOC from homeschooling it was fun and a great improvement. I really like the freedom of EOC it is very nice to choose what I want to learn about and move at my own pace. I also love that EOC can work with what I do as my weekly agenda so everything I did as a homeschooler like piano lessons and stuff that I can still continue."

– Stephen

What made me choose EOC is because I was getting bullied. I felt like crying in school almost every day and this school sounded fun. The difference I think is going to [traditional] public school I was so tired all the time. When I was struggling they never slowed down for me they just kept pushing me under the carpet. I was so stressed. I didn’t get what they were telling me. At this school you learn at your own pace, once you don’t get something they help you out. Also you never get yelled at. They are always understanding and they will talk to you through what’s right from what’s wrong. They also send home a report once a week. You’re probably thinking school is not fun, well you’ve never been to EOC."

– Alexis

School before EOC wasn’t bad; it just could have been so much more. I used to go to a regular, bricks-and-mortar, public school. I had friends, got straight A’s and had no problems with bullying. My problem was that I was bored. I hated being forced to work at everyone else’s pace when I could do so much more than I was asked to do. I didn’t care at all about learning; all I wanted was an A on my homework.
Being in EOC was an adjustment for me. For the first time, I was asked what I wanted to learn and how I wanted to learn it. I started looking at everything in my life as a possible project idea or simply something new to learn.
I love how EOC lets me fill the state standards in the ways I find most interesting. Because I love art, I often combine art projects with other subjects to make projects more fun.
Another thing that makes EOC special is the size. With the small student to advisor ratio, I know the teachers in the school and they know me. When I meet with my advisor, she knows what’s going on in my projects and can help me with what I need. I feel like more than just a number.
The most important thing that EOC has taught me is responsibility. Even though there are advisors to help, I know that I am ultimately in charge of my education. In EOC, I have learned how to propose projects, set my own deadlines, and set tasks to help me carry out what I want to do in projects. Though learning this way is harder than just going from class to class, it is much more rewarding.
I enrolled at EOC when I was in eighth grade. I am now an eleventh grader and I plan to continue at EOC until I graduate. It is such a special school and I feel like being in a school like EOC is the best choice I could have made."

– Johanna

I'm pretty sure that going to EOC is one of the best things that has ever happened in my life. It hasn't been an easy experience but it has been an amazing one so far. I've learned a lot more at EOC than I did in my freshman year of high school at a regular public school. It has improved my motivation, by a lot. Before I switched, I really didn't care what kind of grades I got or how well I did on something. I didn't even bother to try really. Now, I work my butt off to get everything going in the right direction and am even graduating early because of it. My hard work is definitely paying off. Before I switched, I hated school and came up with reasons to not go. Now, I get mad if I sleep through an alarm or have to miss a class due to a doctor's appointment. I absolutely love school at EOC. I learn about things I love, like and what I want to learn about. I can be myself without being judged and I can pursue my dreams with the help of supportive staff and students. I'm REALLY happy I switched to online school at EOC."

– Shadey

My online school is great because they listen to you and what you want to learn. They want you to succeed. So they help you figure out a learning plan that fits you. All I can say is I've never been happier with going to school knowing that my teacher would be happy to see me. I have the greatest Advisor in the world and I love her so much for what she has done for me over the years."

– Austin

The advisors [are] also unbelievably cool. And all of them that I talked to remembered my name! I was very impressed, as I’m generally looked over in new school settings, because I’m not as loud or rambunctious as other kids. It felt good to be noticed for just being me."

– Victoria

This school is helping me a lot because I can go at my own pace.

– Aleesha

It's a fun place. It made me work harder.

– Cole

EOC is better than regular school because they help you learn and help you with your projects and getting work done."

– Adan

This has been the best schooling experience I've had. I learned and grew much more here than anywhere else. I needed actual help and I got it, with the added benefit that I could do things that inspired and motivated me. It's been amazing and I will always be happy to say I graduated from this school."

– Karissa

At EOC all the teachers are nice and most of the students are way nice. I remember the first time I went to Spring Celebration and everyone made me feel like I made the right choice to come to this school."

– Rachel

EOC is absolutely amazing! This is my second year in the school, and I am excelling in it. I love project based learning - that's how I was homeschooled - but it has more structure than my homeschooling did and I'm getting plenty of support in my learning. I am all about hands-on learning and thinking outside the box. My family does a lot of traveling, but I'm still able to easily keep up with school and I'm never bogged down by homework and I can enjoy what I'm doing and learning while on the road. The students and teachers are great at EOC - everyone wants you to succeed, and they are always willing to help. My advisor makes sure that I know about all sorts of opportunities and ideas for my progression. I intend to remain in EOC until I graduate, and would recommend EOC to anyone and everyone. Thanks for another great year of learning!

I really like EOC, it gives you the chance to learn things you can't learn in normal school. You are free to be yourself, and to be creative. No one judges you for what you do and don't like. I'm so happy I'm at this school right now, and I'm excited for what's to come.

Well, honestly, EOC helped me a lot because no one here is pushy and lets me work at my own pace. I have an anxiety disorder (Agoraphobia), but this place has helped me a lot with it because I'm at home where I'm comfortable and I've been taking things slower and I really feel like that's what I've needed to do. I used to hate school so when I came here I thought it was gonna be the same as any other school but when I actually joined something just made me really love this school, so I'd love to stay here until I graduate because this is the perfect school for me. So thank you all for making this school! I think this school is great! Keep up the good work!

I came from a public school where everything was based on grades, and tests, and collective scores. I came to EOC and everything changed. I finally have teachers that care about how I specifically am doing, and try to help me do whats best for my individual education. I love doing things on my own and have been learning so much.

I love EOC because it always makes me happy to learn. I'm always happy to be here with all the advisors. This is the best place to be.

EOC has been much more flexible with my illnesses and troubles with finishing projects than my last school and I love how much freedom I have to learn the things I want to learn instead of having to stay up late researching all that the History books had left out of my learning. I now have the freedom to learn as much as I want to learn and what I want to learn, instead of learning from outdated structures.

The teachers are super nice and they know how you feel.

I love EOC because all my teachers are so caring and amazing at helping when I need it. If they can help me they will without a doubt. I also like not being bullied in this school by other students.

I loved being at EOC because of the academic freedom it offers.

I love it because it actually makes you learn the best way for you unlike those other schools online and schools that are not online.