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Graduation will occur at EOC upon the completion of the State Academic Standards, a minimum of 10 project credits per year (7-12 grade), and the Senior Project.  Students graduating in Minnesota must pass the GRAD tests.   Students who do not complete all of these tasks will not receive a diploma. 

The state standards include:

4 Credits Language Arts (include all)

Writing                        Reading Across the Curriculum

Listen, View, Speak                          Language

3 Credits Mathematics (include all)

Geometry (Space Shape, Measure)                 Algebraic Patterns

Probability and Statistics

1 Credit Art (Combination of any)

Music              Theater                        Visual

Media              Dance

3 Credits Science (include Life & Physical Science)

Life Science  1 credit              Physical Science  1 credit

Earth and Space System             Nature and History of Science

3.5 Credit Social Studies (Include all)

US History                  World History

Geography                  Economics

Citizenship (Government)

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