Over 80% of students graduate in Senior Year. All have completed a capstone project preparing them for Post Secondary Plans.

Life Skills

Life Skills are measured in a rubric, with over 80% of students showing growth in at least 2 areas.

Exploring the World

EOC students have traveled on 22 Experiential Education Expeditions.

Students First

Every student is on an individualized learning plan, making students first.


Izzie Koons

Senior Project: Queer Representation in Media. Favorite part of being a senior: Being one of the oldest students (automatic cool points). Favorite EOC Project: My baking project that I did with Remi. Future Plans: Having my friends move in with me!

- Izzie Koons

Quinn LeRoy

Senior Project: Cryptozoology. Favorite part of being a senior: Having a lot of things done. Future plans: Living life. Favorite EOC Project: Volcano Project.

- Quinn LeRoy

Dain VanZandt

Senior Project: Music Composition: Rescoring a Video Game. Favorite part of being a senior: Having only one project to maximize my efforts. Future plans: Take a gap year, develop music projects, relax. Favorite Quote: "Everything we need is already here." - Porter Robinson

- Dain VanZandt

Nissa Kuchenmeister

Senior Project: History: Understanding through context, empathy, and perspectives. Favorite part of being a senior: My Senior Project! It has been such a joy to be able to combine so many of my passions and present them in one project! Future plans: to continue learning.

- Nissa Kuchenmeister

Justin Anderson

Senior Project: Lego Entrepreneuring. Favorite part of being a senior: No math. Future plans: Continuing my business that I was doing for my senior project. Favorite quote: "This is where the fun begins."

- Justin Anderson

Cassidy Berg

Senior Project: Large Scale Writing Project. Future plans: Forestry and Natural Resource Management. Favorite quote: "We all have inside ourselves a woman who walks alone on the road. In all women there is something in revolt that is not expressed." - Agnes Varda

- Cassidy Berg

Rae O'Brien

Senior Project: Basics of Coding. Favorite part of being a senior: Being done with school. Future plans: Doing my arts. Favorite EOC project: The Island project. Quote: "Just lock in and start cooking."

- Rae O'Brien

Kiefer Boman

Senior Project: Origins of the American Political Apparatus. Future plans: Attending the University of Minnesota (Morris), majoring in History. Quote: “Courage isn't having the strength to go on - it is going on when you don't have strength.” ― Napoleon Bonaparte

- Kiefer Boman

Benton McLean

Senior Project: Card Collecting. Favorite part of being a senior: Graduating. Future plans: Working. Favorite EOC Project: MMA Science.

- Benton McLean