Over 80% of students graduate in Senior Year. All have completed a capstone project preparing them for Post Secondary Plans.

Life Skills

Life Skills are measured in a rubric, with over 80% of students showing growth in at least 2 areas.

Exploring the World

EOC students have traveled on 22 Experiential Education Expeditions.

Students First

Every student is on an individualized learning plan, making students first.


Anna Grace Hottinger

Title of Senior Project: The Human and Social Impacts of Soil Favorite part of being a senior: Being able to reflect on the things that I've done and plan for the future! Future Plans: Going to college & building new relationships! Favorite EOC project: Climate Justice & Legislation!

- Anna Grace Hottinger

Daisy Moore

Title of Senior Project: Music Creation and Performance Favorite part of being a senior: Creating my senior project Future plans: Map Therapy Certification Favorite EOC project: Extinct Animals project, World History, Music Creation and Performance

- Daisy Moore

Emma Schmit

Title of Senior Project: Trip to California Favorite part of being a senior: Being done with school Future plans: I want to travel Favorite EOC project: Hawaii Favorite Quote: “Never underestimate yourself.”

- Emma Schmit

Jadon Shrawder

Title of Senior Project: Hand Tool Woodworking Favorite part of being a senior: I like the feeling of satisfaction that comes with being near the finish line Favorite Project: Senior project Future plans: I'm looking forward to finishing my education and living the rest of my life.

- Jadon Shrawder

Jasper Baird

Title of Senior Project: Game Developing Favorite part of being a senior: Nothing, it's like being an 11th grader but more work and you have to make plans. Future plans: I have no idea Favorite EOC Project: Probably my art one, that was fun

- Jasper Baird

Jordan Zamzow

Title of Senior Project: Life After High School Favorite part of being a senior: Every single teacher here actually cares. Future plans: Making money anyway and putting it into the stock market. Favorite Quote: "It's all about the thought process." Jordan Zamzow

- Jordan Zamzow

Kim Halfen

Title of Senior Project: Teaching Favorite part of being a senior: Getting to work on my senior project has been my favorite part of being a senior. I loved digging into the philosophies of teaching and getting to work with kids in order to learn how to be a good teacher.

- Kim Halfen

Max Ice-Haskins

Title of Senior Project: Car Restoration Favorite part of being a senior: Knowing that I am so close to moving onto the next steps in life. Future Plans: Working and exploring the world. Favorite EOC project: Easily my Senior project, I really enjoyed working on my car.

- Max Ice-Haskins

Noah Falcon

Title of Senior Project: Construction Favorite part of being a senior: Being almost done with high school Future Plans: Going to college and find my profession Favorite EOC project: Tokyo project

- Noah Falcon

Ryan Freundschuh

Title of Senior Project: Rebuilding a Motorcycle Favorite part of being a senior: Less school workload Future plans: Graduation Favorite EOC project: Senior Project Favorite Quote: "Good things come to those who take it"-Ryan M. Freundschuh

- Ryan Freundschuh

Ryan Hughes

Title of Senior Project: Coding with Assembly Favorite part of being a senior: Unique project opportunities I can pursue Future Plans: Potential future in Software Development Favorite EOC project: Government and Civics

- Ryan Hughes

Tyler Davis

Title of Senior Project: Career Exploration Favorite part of being a senior: It’s My last year Future Plans: Getting a good paying job Favorite EOC project: Career Exploration

- Tyler Davis

Teija Downing

Title of Senior Project: Launching an art based business Favorite part of being a senior: Getting to spend lots of time with my dog and having her as part of my senior project. Future Plans: Continuing to grow my business Favorite EOC project: A project I did on saving the orangutans

- Teija Downing