Over 80% of students graduate in Senior Year. All have completed a capstone project preparing them for Post Secondary Plans.

Life Skills

Life Skills are measured in a rubric, with over 80% of students showing growth in at least 2 areas.

Exploring the World

EOC students have traveled on 22 Experiential Education Expeditions.

Students First

Every student is on an individualized learning plan, making students first.


Jess Balog, Special Education Advisor

K-12 Special Education (ABS), K-6 Elementary Education, 5-8 Mathematics and Social Studies License. Talk to her about: book reading, gardening, flowers,cooking and baking, action and drama TV/movies, and anything of interest...I love learning new things!

- Jess Balog

andrew and baby

Advisor.5-12 Social Studies License Talk to him about: Disc Golf, History, Reading, Football, TV/Movies, and Baseball...I enjoy getting to know my students and learning about topics that they are interested in.

- Andrew Wolford