Project Process

  1. Complete a brainstorming sheet (solo, with an advisor, or with a parent)
  2. Choose your project evidence
  3. Write a project proposal on Headrush
  4. Attend proposal team (with your two advisors) for approval
  5. Start work on your project!
    1. Complete task list in Headrush
    2. Record your time logs each day
    3. Meet with your advisor for any help you need
    4. Your advisor checks in on tasks/deadlines and request pieces of evidence along the way
  6. Done with your research and evidence? Write a project reflection
  7. Submit your project to your advisor. (At this time it may be returned to you for revision.) Be sure to include:
    1. Project evidence (final product)
    2. Reflection
    3. Works Cited
  8. Meet to finalize the project with proposal team
    1. Advisors ask questions about your learning
    2. You and the advisors review time logs and discuss the amount of credit you’ve earned
  9. Write thank you notes for community experts you consulted with during the project