Since we view the world as our students’ classroom, we like to try to help them see it!

We are dedicated to giving students the opportunity to travel, domestically or internationally, and offer scholarships for families in need when possible.

2020: London- Registration open now! Talk to your advisor to sign up!

2019: Florida Everglade
2018: Boston – An Historical Trip

The Boston group started with seminars in mid-December to get the input from the students of what they wanted to see. It was narrowed down to the following sites and events: Boston Science Museum, Freedom Trail, Plymouth Plantation, and Salem, MA. The students each took an area or topic in which to do a presentation on during our seminars. The students provided with costs, items of interest, eating options and the overall time commitment for each activity. It meant a lot to the teachers to give the students a sense of how our country came to be and the sacrifices it took. The students gained memories for a lifetime.

2018: Dog Sledding in the BWCA

A hardcore group of students pulled out their boots, layered on their clothes, and experienced the BWCA in the Winter. Students took hikes, snowshoed, cross country skied, and dog sledded their way all over the Boundary Waters. They stayed at Camp Menogyn lodge just outside of the Boundary Waters, but were still far enough North to hike nearly to Canada! Lodge time was filled with games, stories, and lots of naps. It might have been cold up there, but the shared experiences and stories will warm our hearts for years to come.

2017: Students’ Choice – San Francisco

Fifty-three (a record-breaking number!) EOC students and staff flew to sunny San Francisco. Students were tasked with the planning and execution of the trip, from choosing a hotel, creating a packing list, developing an itinerary, getting 53 people fed each day, and navigating around the city on mass transit. The goal of this trip was for students to develop the skills to become lifelong travelers and based on their insightful problem-solving, penchants for exploration, and wise decision-making during the course of the trip, EOC thinks it was a resounding success! 

2016: Paris, Brittany, & Normandy

Seventeen EOC students and advisors traveled to France for a 9-day trip through Normandy, Brittany and of course, Paris! Before leaving, students attended seminars on French history, culture and language and completed individual projects related to France. While on tour, they visited the Louvre, cruised the Seine River, went to the top of the Eiffel Tower, ordered crepes in the Latin Quarter and then visited the D-Day beaches of Normandy. St. Malo, Mont, St. Michel and French cuisine were highlights of the trip. These global citizens have memories for a lifetime!

2015: Yellowstone

In February 2015, EOC traveled to Yellowstone. Previous to the trip, students learned CPR and studied Yellowstone from a scientific point of view. While on the trip, the group visited and studied several geysers and hot springs. The students studied thermophiles as well as how the geothermal features work.

Some of the amazing animals they saw included: Mule Deer, Bison, Elk, Antelope, Big Horn Sheep, Geese, Swans, Coyotes, Wolves, Fox, and Ravens.

Alongside Dr. James Halfpenny, EOC students participated in hands-on activities like wolf tracking, wolf spotting and identifying wolf dens. Other wolf experts were always happy to chime in and help. Students could identify wolf tracks, tell how the wolf was walking, and even if they were looking around. In addition, very few people ever get to see a wolf den and these students not only saw one, but climbed right in!


2014: Washington D.C.

EOC students and staff embarked on an experiential education trip to Washington D.C. in April of 2014. Their five-day adventure included: The White House, The Spy Museum, The Newseum, Arlington National Cemetery, The Pentagon and 9/11 Memorial, viewing a play at Ford’s Theater, The Lincoln Memorial, masting the D.C. Metro, various sculptures, memorials and sights from the view of a double-decker bus, and paddle-boating in the Tidal Basin past The Jefferson Memorial. Prior to the trip, students participated in weekly seminars in the areas of Social Studies and Health & Fitness.

2013: Seattle

Nineteen EOC students and advisors took in the sights of Seattle when they headed west for a five-day, experiential education adventure. Their itinerary included: Pike Place Market, the Space Needle, the original Starbucks, and whale watching! Before leaving on the trip, students participate in weekly seminars on Oceanography, the Puget Sound and literature of the Pacific Northwest.


2013: Camp Du Nord

EOC students had a ball enjoying Camp Du Nord and a variety of outdoor activities.

2012: New Mexico

In April 2012, EOC traveled to New Mexico to study ecology and fine art photography.

2011: South Dakota

In April 2011, EOC traveled to South Dakota and Wyoming to experience its rich history and natural beauty. Students worked throughout the year on projects that were designed to increase their knowledge of US History and understand of what they would see on the trip. The group saw the natural beauty of the Badlands, Devil’s Tower, and the Black Hills. They also experienced the rich history of the area by going to Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse, and the Mammoth site. It was a busy week of fun and educational experiences.

2010: Grand Canyon

In April 2010, EOC traveled to the Grand Canyon to study water conservation.

Throughout the year, a group of EOC students studied water conservation and then took their expertise on the road as they hiked through the Grand Canyon, swam beneath waterfalls, and visited the Native American village of Supai.

2009: New Zealand

In February 2009, EOC took its first international field trip to New Zealand. Highlights of this spectacular trip included the Milford Sound, riding in a Haaglund, and seeing glaciers, penguins, albatross, fur seal pups. Students were also given the opportunity to meet other travelers from Australia, Germany, France, and the UK.


2007: California

In May 2007, EOC visited California with our students. The group hiked through the Redwood Forest and met students from the Golden Eagle Charter School.