Brooke Anderson

Advisor, Literature Specialist

5-12 English Language Arts

Teaching Experience: New at EOC. Previously taught at Hinkley-Finlayson High School for 7 years

Talk to her about: books, traveling, food, sports, hiking, camping, farming, writing songs and playing music.

"When student drive their own education, they take ownership in that learning and put themselves directly in the center of it. That's where the magic happens."

	Cathy Diaz

Cathy Diaz

Co-Director, Science Specialist

7-12 Life Science License

‪Teaching Experience: Part of EOC since 2005. Previously taught for 5 years at El Colegio Charter School, plus 3 years in environmental education.

Talk to her about: pets, traveling, training service dogs, rowing, logrolling, and other sports. 

“I enjoy watching students pursue their interests and helping them discover new areas of learning.”

Chris Lepper

Chris Lepper

Advisor, Social Studies Specialist

7-12 Social Studies and Coaching Licenses

Teaching Experience: Part of EOC since 2007. Previously taught at four charter schools and alternative learning communities.

Talk to him about: sports, anything to do with social studies, TV, and what’s going on in the news.

“EOC is a friendly, caring, independent learning environment that allows me to help students be creative and find their place in life.”


Eric Van Otterloo

Advisor, Social Studies Specialist

5-12 Social Studies License

Teaching Experience: New teacher, student taught and worked as paraprofessional at Minnesota New Country School

Talk to him about: Sports, Travel, Video Games, Dogs, History

Gigi Dobosenski

Gigi Dobosenski

Advisor, Co-Director, Science Specialist

7-12 Life Science and K-12 Principal Licenses

Teaching Experience: Part of EOC since 2005. Previously taught at Minnesota New Country School.

Talk to her about: swimming, bicycling, books, scrapbooking, hiking, and pets—she has 7 of them!

“It is great to help student research and learn about things they are interested in.”

Jess Balog

Jess Balog

Special Education Advisor

K-12 Special Education (ABS), K-6 Elementary Education, 5-8 Mathematics and Social Studies License

Teaching Experience: Part of EOC in 2020. Previously taught in public schools and charter schools since 2010.

Talk to her about: book reading, gardening, flowers, cooking and baking, action and drama TV/movies, and anything of interest...I love learning new things!

“I am a life-long learner and enjoy learning with others and from others. We are all teachers.”

Jessica Mockros

Jessica Mockros


K-12 Special Education (LD) License

Teaching Experience: Part of EOC since 2011.

Talk to her about: crafts, the latest movies, and anything outdoors: hiking, biking, horseback riding, soccer.

“I enjoy working at EOC because I am given the opportunity to see students’ enthusiasm to learn. Their drive for education shows through each project.

Jody Dobosenski

Jody Dobosenski

Special Education Advisor, Paraprofessional

K-12 Special Education (DCD, SLD, OHD, EBD, and ASD) and K-6 Elementary Education Licenses

Teaching Experience: Part of EOC since 2008. Moved fro Paraprofessional to Special Education Advisor in 2019

Talk to her about: scrapbooking, music, singing, books, England, and Princess Diana.

“I love learning with my students while doing different projects. I learn something every day.”

Larry Schmidt

Larry Schmidt

Advisor, English Specialist

7-12 English/Language Arts License

Teaching Experience: Part of EOC since 2009. Previously taught for 16 years at a charter school for students recovering from addiction.

Talk to him about: gardening, cycling, videography, math, German, and the viola.

“I like working at a school where students can take charge of their own education.”


Melissa Judd


K-12 School Counseling License

Teaching Experience: Part of EOC since 2019. Previously worked as a school counselor for 14 years at CHOICE Alternative High School.

Talk to her about: traveling, working out, tennis, skiing, anything outdoors, your past, your future and everything in between.

“I love that I get to be a part of a school that helps students pursue, embrace and find a passion that not only changes the way they think, but the way the world thinks.”


Michaela Ehlers

Advisor, Agriculture and Career Skills

5-12 Agriculture Education and Work Based Learning Licenses

Teaching Experience: Part of EOC since 2021. Previously taught 6 years at a Project Based Learning school and 1 year at an online school.

Talk to her about: Traveling, kayaking, anything agriculture, restoring cars and tractors, gaming and crafting

“I love finding opportunities to learn and helping everyone see how they can be a lifelong learner too.”


Mike Motzko

Advisor, Special Education Advisor, Business Specialist

K-12 Special Education (ASD, EBD, SLD) License

Teaching Experience: Part of EOC since 2006. Previously taught at a St. Paul charter school and worked in business.

Talk to him about: sports, books, dogs, and anything to do with business or history.

“I enjoy getting to know my students and finding out what motivates them. From there looking at the student’s goals and working together to meet them.”


Noah Anderson


BS in Educational Studies

Teaching Experience: Part of EOC since 2017. Notably, Noah is EOC’s first alumni staff member!

Talk to him about: Football, baseball, jokes, ultimate frisbee, disc golf or music

“I’m excited to be at EOC because I love how individualized the learning is. All students can create a strong base for the rest of their life by educating themselves through EOC.”

Patty Monson Geerts

Patty Monson Geerts

Advisor, Foreign Language Specialist

7-12 French License

‪Teaching Experience: Part of EOC since 2011. Previously taught French at all levels, from pre-school to university, and taught English in France.

Talk to her about: cooking, nutrition, traveling, any world language, animals, music, and skiing.

‪”I believe in Project Based Learning because it allows students to take ownership of their education, follow their passions, & reach their potential.”

	Tessa Mayer

Tessa Mayer


BA in Psychology

Teaching Experience: Part of EOC since 2014. Extensive youth coaching experience and experience working with youth at a residential facility with an educational setting.

Talk to her about: biking, gardening, yoga, cooking, dogs, cats.

“I like working at EOC because students are empowered to make decisions regarding their education.”