Senior Spotlight: Rae O'Brien. Senior Project: Basics of Coding. Favorite part of being a senior: Being done with school. Future plans: Doing my arts. Favorite EOC project: The Island project. Quote: "Just lock in and start cooking."
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Rae O'Brien
Senior Spotlight: Cassidy Berg. Senior Project: Large Scale Writing Project. Favorite quote: "We all have inside ourselves a woman who walks alone on the road. In all women there is something in revolt that is not expressed." - Agnes Varda
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Cassidy Berg
Senior Spotlight: Justin Anderson. Senior Project: Lego Entrepreneuring. Favorite part of being a senior: No math. Future plans: Continuing my business that I was doing for my senior project. Favorite quote: "This is where the fun begins."
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Senior Spotlight: Nissa Kuchenmeister. Senior Project: History: Understanding through context, empathy, and perspectives. Favorite part of being a senior: My Senior Project! It has been such a joy to be able to combine so many of my passions and present them in one project!
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Senior Spotlight: Quinn LeRoy. Senior Project: Cryptozoology. Favorite part of being a senior: Having a lot of things done. Future plans: Living life. Favorite EOC Project: Volcano Project.
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Senior Spotlight: Dain VanZandt. Senior Project: Music Composition: Rescoring a Video Game. Favorite part of being a senior: Having only one project to maximize my efforts. Future plans: Take a gap year. Favorite Quote: "Everything we need is already here." Porter Robinson
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Senior Spotlight: Izzie Koons. Senior Project: Queer Representation in Media. Favorite part of being a senior: Being one of the oldest students(automatic cool points). Favorite EOC Project: My baking project that I did with Remi. Future Plans: Having my friends move in with me!
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Izzie Koons
School Calendar for 2024-2025 available for download here:
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2024-2025 school calendar
GRADUATION! On Monday June 10 we held our graduation ceremony. We shared stories and memories about each of our graduates, they received their diplomas and we celebrated with a feast together. We are so PROUD of our class of 2024! Congrats grads!
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hat, tassel, diploma, program and rose
graduates lining up
graduates lined up
For their last field trip, Patty and Noah took their advisory to Park Point and Canal Park in Duluth. A few brave souls even got into the chilly lake! Per tradition, they also made a trip to Love Creamery.
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student posing on sand
students under a pavilion
students on beach
sdtuents on beach
Brooke's advisory had a rainy field trip in Duluth. They went to the Great Lakes Aquarium and then had a very wet picnic afterwards. Despite the weather, they had fun spending time together and learning more about Lake Superior.
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Learning about water and ecosystems
Great Lakes Aquarium
Playfront Park
Playfront Park
Gigi's advisory spent a fun day at the Como Zoo and Conservatory. The Japanese Garden was one of the favorite spots as well as the picnic lunch all together.
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Group of students at conservatory
Student near a plant
student and gorilla
students overlooking pond
Advisor Patty is retiring! Staff and students at EOC will miss Patty so much. She worked tirelessly to give her students the best education possible, making sure every student felt seen and valued. We wish Patty the very best in retirement!
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Remember that Tomorrow - June 5th - is our last day of daily advisory for the 23/24 school year at EOC! We hope you all have a fun, safe and relaxing summer!
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Last Day of School
On day two of Spring Celebration, students and staff went to Valley Fair. It was a nice day for riding rides, playing games and spending time with friends.
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Staff at Valley Fair
Checking in
Bumper Cars
students in a parking lot
This year's Prom Committee put on a rockin' dance party at Spring Celebration. The theme was "Meet Me at Midnight." We had a student DJ and the students (and staff) all had a great time!
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dance party
Mike and Co.
On May 22 and 23, EOC held its annual Spring Celebration. The first day consisted of senior project presentations as well as other student presentations and exhibits. Later in the evening, there were activities to choose from like prom, a movie, a game room, or swimming.
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Senior presentation
Some of Larry's Seniors
Game Room
Game Room
No school on Monday, May 27th, in recognition of Memorial Day!
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Happy Memorial Day in red and blue with a flag
Happy Charter School's Week! We are proud to be. a charter school and offer educational choices to our students.
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"rasie your voice national charter schoolsweek 2024 with a megaphone
Wednesday, May 8th, Chris's Advisory let an excellent All School Meeting. They shared about their pets and the cool projects they've been working on this year. It was so awesome to learn more about the students in Chris's advisory!
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Chris's Advisory
EOC Pets
Our Projects