Today's all school meeting was Dolly Parton and apple pie themed. We had jokes, a fun game of spot the fake, and we wrapped up the meeting watching the credits roll to "I will always love you." Thank you to Larry's advisory for a fun and funny meeting!
2 months ago, EOC
Image of singer Dolly Pardon sitting on a slice of apple pie
Slide titled "jokes" with a cartoon of a pumpkin joke
Black background with question marks and text "spot the fake"
Image of Dolly Pardon with text "written and directed by Larry's Advisory"
On September 30th, students from EOC enjoyed a lovely day at the Renaissance Festival. Our students dressed in Renaissance era clothing and enjoyed the opportunity to meet other students and staff from EOC.
2 months ago, EOC
Group of teens at renaissance festival
Mail dressed in pirate costume
Free outdoor activities day for Thrive Outside Day, a special event that will highlight the transformative benefits of the outdoors and connection to nature with free outdoor activities for youth and families.
2 months ago, EOC
Flier for Thrive Outside day.
This week we had our first All School Meeting of the year! We decided on some group norms for the main room and group jamboards, and learned how to create a club! We are looking forward to a great year!
2 months ago, EOC
blue background with small drawings of books, glasses, globes, lightbulbs, basketballs with text "September All School Meeting"
Seniors and Guardians: There are Ready, Set, FASFA sessions coming up if you are interested in learning more about the FASFA process.
3 months ago, EOC
flyer "Ready Set Fasfa" with a code to visit:
Last week students enjoyed a trip to the Mahkato Wacipi. There was dancing, craft displays, an educational tent, fry bread, and many fun conversations.
3 months ago, EOC
view of Grand Entry at a powwow
crowd on bleechers
students looking at camera
student looking at camera
What staff did this summer: Noah spent his time being active with disc golf, soccer and basketball. He also took four summer courses to keep going on with his education. He spent a ton of time with his children and their friends, playing sports, going to parks, visiting Sioux Falls and playing on the slip n slide.
3 months ago, EOC
man throwing frisbee in park
What staff did this summer: Larry spent his time perfecting his enchiladas recipe.
3 months ago, EOC
Image of Larry's perfect enchiladas, with beans, a red sauce, and lots of cheese.
What staff did this summer: Michaela spent the summer with family and friends, reading, working out, berry picking, and helping out on the farm!
3 months ago, EdVisions Off Campus
Michaela and family
summer reading
berry picking
farm at sunset
The first day of school is one week from today. See you in advisory on Tuesday September 6th!
3 months ago, EOC
"1st day of school" written in script with stars, paperclips, a pencil and chalk board in background.
What staff did this summer: Patty spent 3 weeks in California, visiting family and meeting her new great nephew, Lewis! She spent time on the northern California coast and in the Redwoods-her two favorite places! She even spotted a new life list mammal, the San Joaquin Kit Fox!
3 months ago, EdVisions Off Campus
California Coast
New Great Nephew!
San Joaquin Kit Fox
What staff did this summer: Jessica spent her summer kayaking down the Mississippi, enjoying summer thunderstorms, and watching her kids play baseball and soccer.
3 months ago, EOC
Looking over the bow of a kayak at water surrounded by trees
closeup of baseball on gravel and sunset in background
Thunderstorm clouds with the sun shining through
What staff did this summer: Chris spent the summer working on landscaping, especially building retaining walls.
3 months ago, EOC
Brick wall with lights above it
Purchasing school supplies can get expensive for parents. Save your receipts because most school supply purchases qualify for a valuable K-12 Education Credit or Subtraction. Learn more about it here: https:/
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school supplies in a pile
receipts in a pile
Reminder as the the school year draws near, Next week (August 29- September 2) we have back to school conferences! These are scheduled by your advisor.
3 months ago, EOC
Charlie Brown and Snoopy "Hello!  It's Conference Time!!!"
What staff did this summer: Tessa spent her summer moving into her new home in the country and enjoying sunsets there, wedding planning, and pre-wedding celebrating, including an epic bachelorette party to Lake Tahoe with family.
4 months ago, EOC
A couple standing in front of a window
a woman holding a fish while standing in a boat in a lake with mountains in background
Man and woman standing next to a house with "Sold" sign
pink clouds behind trees.
Remember to add the EOC app to your devices! Access staff lists, important documents, news updates, and even emergency notifications, right from your pocket. Download the app on Android: or iPhone:
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Smartphone draing with image of EdVisions App on screen. Text that says "It's everything EdVisions, in your pocket.  The app store and pay store logos on lower right
What staff did this summer: Mike went on his annual golf trip to Bayfield Wisconsin. Great to see the natural formations and the Apostle Islands.
4 months ago, EOC
golf course over lake superior
selfie of man with gorge at apostle islands in the background
caves at apostle islands along lake superior
What staff did this summer: Gigi spent time with her family and new puppy!
4 months ago, EOC
yellow lab puppy on blue camp chair
three men and a woman at target field
What staff did this summer: Melissa spent her summer enjoying the outdoors with her family!
4 months ago, EOC
Two young ladies paddles boarding in a lake surrounded by trees.