Larry's Advisory made a visit to the Pavek Museum. There, they had the opportunity to play the Theremin.
5 months ago, EOC
adult and teens gathered around a theramin at Pavek Museum
Reminder: Students are welcomed to attend “Minnesota Works: Exploring Tech and Trades” on Friday, February 16, 2024 from 9 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. at Dakota County Technical College in Rosemount Minnesota. Info and registration here:
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MN Works
Happy Paraprofessional Week! We have two of the best here at EOC! Thank you Noah and Dena!
5 months ago, EOC
Para professional becuase teachers need heroes too"
No School Monday January 15 in honor of Martin Luther King Jr Day of Service. Check out the weekly newsletter for events and activities to help honor MLK Day.
5 months ago, EOC
MLK Day next to picture of Martin Luther King Jr
This week, Inclusion team lead an All School Meeting focused on Martin Luther King, Jr.'s social justice activism and his legacy of service. We learned a little about his life, listened to the iconic "I have a dream" speech, and talked about volunteerism. Students and staff were encouraged to use their day off Monday, January 15th to give back in some way to their communities.
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MLK Legacy of Service
Just before break, Gigi's Advisory went to the Minneapolis Institute of Art to see the exhibit "In Our Hands: Native Photography, 1890 to Now" and then went to lunch at Centro Nicollet. It was a great way to celebrate wrapping up the fall and heading off to break!
6 months ago, EOC
Students at the MIA
students looking at art
students at a meal together
Brooke, Jessica and Chris's advisories went to SkyZone in Maple Grove on Wednesday. They had a blast jumping, working on their dunking skills, playing dodge ball, and spending time together.
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Big air!
Students are invited to “Minnesota Works: Exploring Tech and Trades” on Friday, February 16, 2024 from 9 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. at Dakota County Technical College in Rosemount Minnesota. Info and registration here:
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MN Works
Hang in there! Remember we have a school break coming up. No school December 22- January 2. School Resumes Wednesday, January 3, 2024.
6 months ago, EOC
"Keep Calm and make it winter break" written in white on blue background with a royal crown on top of image
On Wednesday, EOC students shared their projects through presentations and exhibits at Online Presentation Day. It was amazing to see all of the really interesting things students have been working hard on so far this year. We are so proud of our students!
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collage of projects
Michaela's Advisory hosted the December All School Meeting on Wednesday. It was holiday themed and included movie food trivia, famous ugly holiday sweaters, and an opportunity to design our own ugly sweaters. Nice job, Michaela's Advisory!
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Movie Food Trivia
Design your own ugly sweater!
Larry's advisory had a great time attempting to escape the escape room at Breakout-Minneapolis. Rest assured: all students went home and are not still trapped.
7 months ago, EOC
Group of students with "BREAKOUT" on back wall
Students and teacher at breakout room holding an orange sign saying "So close"
Recently, Michaela and Jessica's advisories met at Zaffiros Pizza and then enjoyed an afternoon at the movies.
7 months ago, EOC
students at a table at a resturant smiling at camera
We are hiring a Paraprofessional! Check out our Posting on EdPost.
7 months ago, EOC
"We are hiring"
Reminder: No School November 23 and 24!
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No School
Brooke and Patty/Noah took their advisories on a field trip to World of Wheels on Monday. They had a blast showing off their moves on roller skates and blades and getting to know each other.
7 months ago, EdVisions Off Campus
World of Wheels
News flash! Two of our students, Nissa and Oskar will be on The Stage, a show on TPT2 at 8 PM tonight. You can livestream TPT2 through your computer or phone--link on this page:
7 months ago, EOC
Patty and Noah's Advisory led an all school meeting this week! They entertained us with Cryptid Information. We had the chance to tell Cryptid jokes, adopt a Cryptid of our choice, answer some great Cryptozoology trivia. Thanks for the roaring good time, and we promise to take good care of our Cryptids.
8 months ago, EOC
"Welcoime to all school meeting" with background of treese and images appearing around the trees
Jokes: Bigfoot is sometimes confused with sasquatch, Yeti he never complains.  Why do the wereworld make everyone laugh at a comedy show? Because he was howl arious.  On a background of black cryptids figurescattered over neon green
"Adopt a Cryptid" on a colorful background
"Bigfoot" and a cartoon bigfoot drawing
"Nessie" and a cartoon frawing of Lockness Monster
"Which Creature has over 10,ooo Reported sigtings?  And pictures of Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot, Unicaorn, Yeti
If you plan to apply for financial aid, set a reminder for January 2024. We will host online sessions for students and families about the FAFSA and MN Dream Act applications. Visit for more information. @MnDeptEd @ecmcgroup
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FAFSA Deadline
Fall Celebration Part 2. Due to the pouring rain, we did spend sometime inside doing team building. We also had a special presentation of labor rights movements through song performed by one of our very own parents.
8 months ago, EOC
student linking arms
stduents with dots on their backs
students blindfoldened and lifting a hula hoop
Singing about the IWW
Stduents linking arms
Thank yous
students and staff playing basketball
staff playing fooseball with students