Larry's Advisory ghosted....we mean, hosted an all school meeting this week. The Halloween themed jokes, connections game and music was fantastic! Thanks Larry's Advisory!
5 months ago, EOC
"All school meeting" in purple and orange with a background of jack o' lanterns
Connections game
"Written and Directed by Larry's Advisory
We love insects! A group of students went to the Nobel Conference this week and learned about the world of insects. In addition to some world-class speakers, we saw our former student Ella dance, spent time touring campus, tasted cricket cookies and held some Cockroaches. #nobel59 #lifelonglearners
5 months ago, EOC
students outside in a group
students dancing
student holding cockroach
student holding cockroach
student holding cockroach
Students who attend any of the Ready Set FAFSA sessions will be entered into a $500 scholarship drawing. Register today! Events are free for Minnesota students and families. Visit for more information and to register. @MnDeptEd @ecmcgroup @ECMCStudentSuccess
5 months ago, EdVisions Off Campus
$500 Scholarship!
Almost all Minnesota colleges and universities are waiving application fees during the month of October for College Knowledge Month - or they never charge a fee throughout the year. Access the full list at #MNGoestoCollege #WhyApply
5 months ago, EdVisions Off Campus
waiving application fees
The Minnesota Youth Council needs youth leaders! If your student is interested in applying, go to and fill out the application.
5 months ago, EdVisions Off Campus
MN Youth Council
Join us for virtual financial aid events, Tuesday evenings in October. The series - Ready Set FAFSA! - will cover college planning and financial aid basics with professionals and live Q & A. The events are free for MN students and families. Interpreters are available in Hmong, Spanish, Somali and Karen. Visit for more information and to register. @MnDeptEd @ecmcgroup
5 months ago, EdVisions Off Campus
The Buzz is...Larry's group went on a field trip to the Dodge Nature Center where they learned all about apples and honey, harvested apples, spent time with the bees, and had a great time.
5 months ago, EOC
harvesting apples
box of bees
honey conatiner
apple sharing
Happy BELATED Online Learning Day! Celebrated September 15, we were busy doing online work and it slipped our minds. We are so happy to be a leader in online education and appreciate all the learning our students continue to demonstrate.
6 months ago, EOC
"National Online Learning Day"
A field trip to see the Minnesota Twins! Jessica's and Chris's advisories went to a Minnesota Twins Game on Wednesday and had a ball at Target Field!
6 months ago, EOC
Blue background, Twins Logo  with trhee pictures of teens in front of a big basseball
two students in front of a large baseball glove statue
We had our first All School Meeting today led by Gigi's advisory. There were jokes, trivia questions, staff and student announcements, and a brainstorming session for upcoming clubs. It was very fun and informative. Well done, Gigi's advisory!
6 months ago, EdVisions Off Campus
Student Announcements
Edvisions Off Campus was back in session yesterday, and we are so excited! Here is what "back-to-school" looks like for students and staff at EOC.
6 months ago, EdVisions Off Campus
Jess's Office
Ms. Shannon
Patty's early morning walk
screenshots of images
On August 22nd, the EOC staff met for an in-person staff meeting at Brooke's farm. They started their meeting with a quick scavenger hunt that included looking for various farm animals and finding "something unique." Staff are really excited for the start of a new school year!
6 months ago, EdVisions Off Campus
Cathy, Mike, Michaela, and Eric
Brooke, Gigi and Jess
Noah, Melissa and Chris
Jessica, Larry and Jody
It is with heavy hearts that we share with our EOC community that staff member Jody Dobosenski’s oldest son, Kaleb, passed away in an accident Monday, August 28th. Kaleb was a recent high school graduate and was excited to start his HVAC training in the fall. EOC’s community does an amazing job caring for each other. Please extend care to Jody, Allison (Kaleb's sister and EOC student), and Gigi (Kaleb's aunt). All of those that love Kaleb so dearly will be facing many difficult days ahead. Please keep the family in your hearts as they move forward. The photo is from Kaleb's graduation. From left to right are Ian, Jody, Kaleb, Jake and Allison.
6 months ago, EdVisions Off Campus
Pictured from left to right: Ian, Jody, Kaleb, Jake and Allison
This Summer: Michaela spent time this summer learning new skills! She learned more about digital design, photography, building a patio, and baking sourdough. Here are some of the final products!
6 months ago, EOC
two loaves homeade bread
car engine
car show
School starts in one week! We can't wait to see you!
6 months ago, EOC
"1 week to go" in florescent lights
Cool fact: Did you know that the anti-glare surface on cell phones mimics the scales on a butterfly's wings? We are going to learn about insects in a big way by attending the Nobel Conference this fall. Check with your advisor for more details.
6 months ago, EOC
butterfly wing
Join us for an information Session ONLINE! Tuesday, August 29, at 6 :00PM. Find the link here:
6 months ago, EOC
This Summer: Chris is coaching a new hockey team and started working with the athletes over the summer.
6 months ago, EOC
Logo: "Western Wisconsin Stars" around a big W
This Summer: Patty had both of her daughters in Duluth this summer. She also went to Steamboat Springs, CO, for hiking and flower watching, and she and her family raised a ton of Monarch butterflies!
6 months ago, EOC
three ladies
As we prepare to start school in two weeks, we have some students that have already started PSEO across the state. Here is Daley at a new student meet up at Fond du Lac Tribal and Community College.
6 months ago, EOC
student and adult at a lunch table